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Develop a healthy relationship with food. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re full, don’t eat. Eat vegetables to be good to your body, but eat ice cream to be good to your soul.

Take pictures of yourself frequently. Chronicle your life. Selfies are completely underrated. Even if the pictures are unflattering, keep them anyway. There will always be mountains and cities and buildings, but you will never look the same way as you did in that one moment in time.

Your worth does not depend on how desirable someone finds you. Spend less time in front of the mirror and more time with people who make you feel beautiful.

Close doors. Don’t hold onto things that no longer brings you happiness and do not help you grow as a person. It is okay to walk away from toxic relationships. You are not weak for letting go.

Forgive yourself. We all have something in our pasts that we are ashamed of, but they only weigh us down if we allow them to. Make amends with the old you and work every day to become the person that you’ve always wanted to be.
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27th August

Today I’m going back to work. It’s only very part time, but it will help me to be able to afford travelling next summer. I miss Tristan, but at least I’m getting out of the house and doing something….
Today’s good things:
• money from work
• people watching during quiet spells
• nice dinner when I get home


It makes me sad when I see a photo of a beautiful person running getting 70k notes and then I see a great post like this with only a few… sigh…

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1. It’s okay
2. Really, just breathe
3. Your hair is a mess. And it looks sexy as fuck.
4. Do your nails. That new polish you bought last week is waiting.
5. Message her. Do not let that awkward silence last any longer.
6. Clean your desk.
7. Turn off the music at some point. Lie down and relax. Don’t think. Just be.
8. Look up some recipes and cook something nice tomorrow.
9. Say thanks more often.
10. You don’t have to ace everything you do.
11. Baby steps. Baby steps.
12. Turn on the ac at max power and wear a hoodie and pull on your sleeves if you miss it. Feel safe.
13. Your body is fine.
14. Your body is fine.
15. We all make mistakes. Forgive.
16. Studying is important, but what is really important is learning.
17. To learn, live.
18. To live, stop holding back. Fuck everything and just give it a try. Do not live with the regret of not trying. That is not living.
19. It’s okay to believe in love, and have faith, and not lose it even if everything around you is breaking down. Even if it hurts.
20. Depending on others is okay. Not doing it is okay as well.
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We hear many terrible things throughout our lives, especially those of us who struggle with mental illnesses. These words never really leave our minds. To this day I remember things said to me when I was only five years old. When I go to take a bite of an “unhealthy” food, I hear the voice of my mother when we were on vacation five years ago asking me if I “should be eating a salad instead.” When I reach down and feel my hipbones now all I can hear is the anonymous person messaging me about how I’m “too thin for them.” It’s never good enough. Nothing is ever going to be enough, you will never please everybody and you are not supposed to. You are supposed to live your life for you, regardless of the opinions of others.  Punishing your body in order to avoid judgement and criticism will never solve your problems. Your body is not a battleground. It is your home and it deserves love, respect and kindness. If you or a loved one—or even a stranger—appear to be struggling with an eating disorder please do not blow it off as “just a phase.” Talk to someone, reach out, get help before it’s too late. Recovery is worth it. I promise.

Credit to my best friend Jess for helping me as well as Elijah. I could not have made this project a reality without you. 

I still love this so much…

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